Applying for rentals with confidence, even when you’re unsure your application will be approved.

A lease may last longer than your current romantic relationship! When looking to move to a new place I think most people jump too quickly at filling out an application, paying the application fee, and revealing very personal things about themselves in writing. That is why you should take this step with intention and caution just as you would any other long term relationship. The answers on this application will determine how prospective landlords and property managers see you and who you are.  And often it becomes a legal and binding addendum to your lease asking that you agree that you gave truthful and honest information. Things happen, people make mistakes with money, people have unexpected medical bills…but being honest is always best.

Filling out applications will most likely cost you a non-refundable fee. Most landlords will require an application fee, which is a non-refundable fee that is paid for their time and resource subscriptions to run your credit report, background/criminal check, and eviction check. These fees can really add up if you apply to several places. They can range from $25-over $100 and they are pretty industry standard.  Every time a person pulls your credit it may have a slight negative impact on your overall score so make sure you meet the rental requirements and really have interest in the property!

Ask questions, tell your story.  Know the property and what the landlord requires before you move onto a filling out an application. Most online listings give you a good idea of the location, condition and size of the property, so the next step should be to find out the rental requirements.  Be upfront about your past credit dings, your time line to move in, your income, talk to them before you waste your time driving over the property to see it, or spending those fees!  If you have poor credit, mention your score to the landlord.   You don’t have to go into every detail but giving them a general overview of your credit score, your rental history, and income will be the most efficient approach. Talk about this before you pay any fees.  A responsible property manager or owner will give their rental requirements and talk with you about whether your situation is a match before they accept an application fee and pull your credit.  Why run credit someone’s credit if you know they will not meet the requirements? The best first step is to tell the basics of your situation and see if they match the requirements.

Be honest with landlords and yourself!The rental requirements are in place because of the years of experience that landlords have renting to people, and these requirements consider you too! For example, if there is a property that rents for $1,000 a month and someone comes to apply for that apartment but only makes $2,000/month plus has a $100/mo credit card bill plus a $300 car payment and a $100 cell phone bill, that only leaves one quarter of your income for living and emergencies. This is financial risk for the landlord and you!  This is what I mean about being honest with yourself, because the application may ask that you may around 3x the monthly rent, closer to $3000 a month to afford that apartment.

Sound City Realty will always spend the time on the phone with you, if you would like, to discuss your situation and see if we have a property available that will meet your needs. Please give us a call or email us for a Nashville area rental!

Our rental requirements are:

  • Credit score of 600+
  • Two years of verifiable positive rental history.
  • Two years of verifiable positive employment references (2+ years at the same job or line of work).
  • Verifiable income of at least 3x the rent per month.
  • No evictions in the last 7 years or bankruptcies in the last 3 years.
  • Credit report and background check fee paid
  • If pets are allowed, the pet must be approved and fees paid.