Fairs and Fried Oreos: The Tennessee State Fair and the Wilson County Fair

The South created “fried” Uncle Buds in my neighborhood has this great new sign and the other day it read “There is no northern fried anything.” So true, and I venture to say that fairs in any other part of the country only try to match our southern fried fair foods. Fried oreos, fried pickles, fried butter…yes butter. It’s a tradition of ours to stop by the Tennessee State Fair the second week of September as it often falls on our wedding anniversary. We have seen drag races, contortionists and even a live trained monkey that will demand a $5 bill before he will let you take his picture.

The Tennessee State Fair is held every year on, you guessed it, The Nashville Fairgrounds, and it’s a big one. I recommend bringing small bill denominations and ear plugs because of the race track. It’s a must for sight seeing and people watching. This year it runs from September 8-17, 2017.

In August you can visit one of the largest fairs in Tennessee the Wilson County Fair. It feels less like a carnival and more like an old fashioned county fair. There are quilts, jams, chickens, cows, horses and pigs that have blue ribbon status. There is a petting zoo, a hypnotist, rides, and more friend foods. The Wilson County fair partners with the Music City Star to help Nashvillians get to the fair easily by train on August 20 and August 27, 2017 and includes the price of the fair ticket all in one!