Finding community among The Nations

In 2003 Anthony and I bought a house on Elkins Ave that looked like an elf lived there. It had a hobbit type staircase, a rounded fireplace reminiscent of a Kiva in the southwest and was in shambles. We renovated it and rented it out for year. We were riding out the frenzy that was happening in Sylvan Park, the neighborhood west of I-440, between Charlotte and White bridge road. We thought Nashville had “topped out” in that neighborhood and we felt moving our investments into growing areas would be wise.

The new Nashville “Nations” reminds me of that same movement we had almost 13 years ago, this is a community of people who love the West Side and all it’s sunset glory, independent eateries, bars and independent shops with unique finds like The Mill Boutique. The Nations sit north of Sylvan Park over Charlotte Ave. and include street names that remind me more of states than nations. Streets like Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky. The common theme is new construction with a lot of horizontal property regimes There is a strong community of folks who like to frequent Nashville original restaurants like Fifty First Kitchen Bar, Nicky’s Coal Fired and Nations Bar and Grill. What people love about The Nations is the proximity to downtown, the walkability, the parks, and the sunsets! West side is the BEST side for the sunset.

Home prices range from under $200,000* if you’re lucky and can swing a hammer up to $500,000+ for newer construction. You can still find properties that are breaking ground so can still get in on picking your finishes! Forge new land, check out The Nations! {*UPDATE: as of 09/2018 home prices have increased about 10-15% and the “Nations” are not such a new “land” anymore)