New City? New Job? No problem.

When moving to a new city there is always the dream of the adventure! There are big things happening in our great city and it seems like the more I talk to people to more I hear that they “moved here from….”  We are a growing city with good opportunities in health care, entertainment, education, and real estate.  Making an investment in an appreciating asset like a home in a city like Nashville will pay off.

The first step is securing employment, and making sure that offer is in writing.  Keep in contact with your new employer and let him or her know about your progress in finding housing and your timeline for arrival.  Besides your new boss may want to fill you in on some great things about the area of your office and other tips for an easy commute.

Keep track of your moving expenses. Keeping receipts might come in handy if your new employer offers to cover some of the relocation costs.  If you end up paying the entire bill, some moving expenses are a tax write off and saving the receipts will be important to itemize.

Make sure you iron out all the details with your utilities.  Sometimes the list may be lengthy but make sure all the departure city utilities are finalized and rented equipment is returned.  Call early in Nashville when you arrive so that you can pay any security deposits or some utilities may require an in person application.

Make sure to contact a REALTOR in advance so that the housing and contracts can be finalized days before your arrival.  Allow us to handle your relocation or even secure a rental for you if you need a little extra time before you buy in our great city!