Visit Downtown Nashville….by way of wagon, a bike or barge!

Want to see Nashville in a whole new way? How about while riding on the back of a good ol’ John Deere tractor while being pulled down Nashville’s world famous Lower Broadway?  I was sitting at the newest celebrity chef hang out on what is now unofficially called the North Gulch on 12th Ave. N. when I spotted this huge wagon out front. It’s a party wagon, it’s a hay ride without any hay, it’s a hang out, and it’s for rent! The Nashville Party Wagon can be reserved for up to 20 people or you and a friend can reserve a seat with other happy folks for a BYOB (they provide a bartender, red solo cups, and ice!) experience while they tour you around Nashville.  It’s like the southern version of a double decker bus….open air, looking up and around you will see Nashville at the speed of a John Deere. $35 per person or $480 to reserve the whole wagon.

Another option requires you to work a little harder…but the cheers and squeals from the Nashville Pedal Tavern tells me that it’s more than a bicycle built for 15…it’s a party! You can see this slow moving bar on wheels all over downtown Nashville.  There are four different tours…pick your poison…Downtown…Broadway, Midtown, Brewery Tour or SoBro.  Each tavern tour is BYOB and is equipped with an experienced, city certified guide, loud music, cups and ice.  It’s really a bike…so get ready to pedal! $30 per person and $400 to reserve the whole tavern…prices vary Sunday – Thursday so check their website for details.

How about touring Nashville while sitting in a realistic pontoon boat on wheels? The Nashville Party Barge is up for grabs too! This ship on land looks like a real pontoon boat.  It’s BYOB with ice and cups provided. This is a party barge so expect sunshine…wear your swim suit and soak in all Nashville has to offer. $200-$300 for a 2 hour tour reserved privately for up to 13 people.