Your home’s “handshake”

One of the most important things that my Dad taught me was to give a firm handshake when meeting someone. He always told me to look people right in the eye and shake hands with authority. As Realtors we are constantly meeting new people and we get that chance every day to make a good first impression.  A firm handshake tells people a lot about you. According the article Seven Super Revealing Things Your Handshake” in Forbes Jennifer Cohen writes “everyone should pay close attention to their handshake. People are making judgments and basing their initial opinions of you off of this small, but formidable gesture.”

The same is true about your front porch.

The cobwebs? The chipping paint? The wiggly handle? They are telling volumes about your home in general and people are making judgements about what they will find inside. It’s sad but true.

Potential buyers are not seeing all the time and energy you have put into this home. The potential buyer is not seeing that you’ve created memories in this home.  The potential buyer is seeing THEMSELVES in your home; and they want to like what they see. They want to feel like they are entering a 4-Star resort or hotel where every detail is considered. Every maintenance issue is taken care of and everything about the home looks ready to enjoy not “ready to renovate”

Your front porch and the way your home looks from the street is your one and only chance to make a first impression. Give the presentation of your home your full attention BEFORE we list it….and you will reap the rewards when it comes to more offers, more money at closing, less hassles over the home inspection and a chance to just sit back and enjoy the compliments and positive feedback while your home is listed for sale.