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Whether you want to buy or sell a Nashville home – or seek to lease a Music City property for days or years, you need real estate professionals with passion and integrity.


Music City’s hot right now, but we’ve been buying, selling and managing Nashville residential properties for 20 years. Insider understanding with broad experience best serves your needs.


Relationships rely on communication. You want candor, clarity, and care from those handling your real estate investment. We promise all that and more With Sound City Realty.

Your house should feel like home.

It’s never just a house.

Those walls, windows, closets, appliances, floors and nooks hold – or will – memories, dreams and aspirations. Life unfolds there. Buyers may be in the market for the first time or entering a new life phase, needing to accommodate a growing family or wanting to downsize and simplify. Sellers may be shifting gears, too, relocating beyond Nashville, or aiming to maximize the time and investment they’ve made in their home. Sellers and buyers aren’t all that different. They have goals and questions about how best to achieve them. At the core, of course, they are people. People – and Nashville real estate – are our specialties.

Our Team

Juli Schumann: Principal Broker/Founder

Juli Schumann: Principal Broker/Founder

“Work hard and dream big” is encoded in Juli’s genes. With razor-sharp attention to detail and an innate sense of style. Founder and Principal Broker of Sound City Realty. She is a Nashville insider, savvy with a knack for understanding people and their needs.

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Juli has been licensed since 2001 and has represented Buyers, Sellers, and Investors for over 20 years. She got her start in real estate as an investor, renovating homes for resale in Nashville in the late 1990s. Managing rental property, and understanding the business of strong Tenant relations and rental management. Juli’s background extends from the ground up. She understands how a property is renovated, maintained, and sustained financially. Her goal is simple – to make people feel at home by giving them peace of mind. Whether clients are buying or selling or looking for tenants or short-term rental management, they appreciate Juli’s approach and her love for Nashville. “It’s exciting to be in Nashville right now,” she says. “I love to share this enthusiasm with our clients”. Sound City Realty likes to open new doors for people and show them options they might not have considered.”

With a background in business and art, Juli brings a formidable skill set to the table on behalf of Sound City Realty clients. Juli has managed art studios, been an on-staff Associate Professor of Fine Art at O’More College of Design, as well as run her own private art school, teaching children as well as adults. She owned and operated a unique special event art business, operating Art Moves out of a vintage 1968 International Metro Mite van. Teaching requires patience. Teaching children requires a lot of patience. Juli’s love of art, like her love of Nashville, makes it easy.

Or… she may just make it look easy. Hard work was the backbone of her Midwestern upbringing. She was raised by a construction materials salesman who put his children through college on a commission-only income.

Perhaps entrepreneurship, as well as property, are in her blood, too.

Andrea Berge: Broker Assistant/Affiliate Broker/REALTOR®

Andrea Berge: Broker Assistant/Affiliate Broker/REALTOR®

Although licensed in 2020, she arrived on the Sound City scene with experience to serve her growing real estate career.

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Andrea grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes – Fergus Falls, MN. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Sport and Recreation Management from North Dakota State University and has a background in both residential and commercial property management. By 2019, she had enough of the Minnesota winters and decided to relocate to Nashville, TN, and obtain her real estate license.

In her spare time, Andrea likes to hike, cook, travel, see live music, and of course, cheer on the Minnesota Vikings. SKOL!!

Andrea looks forward to creating trustworthy relationships with her future clients!

Anthony Schumann: Affiliate Broker/REALTOR®

Anthony Schumann: Affiliate Broker/REALTOR®

Anthony more than represents our clients. He’s their champion. With a background that includes years as a licensed home improvement contractor, Anthony knows his property. He knows when a deal is on track. And when it is not.

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It wasn’t his plan to become a Realtor. He came to Nashville in 1995 to help two uncles who were buying, renovating, and reselling homes. Inspired by the city’s energy and music scene, Anthony decided to stay.

Anthony discovered he loved working for clients – buyers, sellers, investors alike. Clients have loved him back, giving him a stack of glowing reviews. Routinely, they say, he goes beyond what they expect and is never pushy.

In a tight market, Anthony listens to what a buyer wants and pounces when the right house comes up. Years of experience translate into contacts throughout Nashville, and he has his pulse on neighborhoods that clients may not know about. Sellers praise his energy, attention to detail, and market knowledge.

His passion for Nashville runs deep. Before visiting more than 20 years ago to work alongside the uncles, Anthony had lived in Austria, Connecticut, and Florida, to name a few.

Music City was the first place that felt like home.

John Williamson: Affiliate Broker/REALTOR®

John Williamson: Affiliate Broker/REALTOR®

John Williamson has a unique approach to real estate. To him, properties are an equation - a sum of their parts and a product of their components.

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John’s diverse background, including (but not limited to) agricultural engineering, residential and commercial construction, remodeling, and maintenance and repair, has shaped his awareness of the smallest details as well as the big picture. When John looks at a piece of real estate, he sees its location, design, materials, and craftsmanship, maintenance requirements, topography, landscaping, and drainage, as well as how these elements come together to influence the way an individual or family will use the property as a home or investment. John’s giving spirit and his focus on service set him apart from the crowd, and his clients typically become lifelong friends.
Dakota Hodgson: Affiliate Broker/REALTOR®

Dakota Hodgson: Affiliate Broker/REALTOR®

With a history of world-class athletics and working with multi-million dollar financial transactions, Dakota is in a great position to help anyone with their need for a new home. It stems from a desire to excel in any endeavor one pursues, whether it is competing in athletics, running a business, or treating those around him with the respect they deserve.

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Dakota has had the privilege of being in the sport of swimming for over 20 years. Through hard work and dedication, he qualified and competed at the Olympic trials 3 times, in 2008, 2012, and 2016. At the 2012 Olympic trials, Dakota finished 6 the in the finals of the 200 meter butterfly while racing Michael Phelps. After his swimming career and graduating from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in International Relations, he bought a 1-way ticket to Africa. For the next 6+ months, he traveled Africa, alone. His time there consisted of coaching Bostswanan swimmers for 3 months, hiking Table Mountain in South Africa, working with the nonprofit ProjectR12 in Uganda, and living on the Nile in Egypt. Dakota then returned to the US and has spent the last several years working in finance, launching a very successful first year in real estate, and mentoring the incredible swimmers at the Nashville Aquatic Club.
Brandon Brager: Affiliate Broker/REALTOR®

Brandon Brager: Affiliate Broker/REALTOR®

Originally from just outside of Washington, D.C., Brandon moved to Nashville while finishing a master’s degree in education from USC. With nearly a decade of public school teaching experience and five years of real estate investing in the Nashville area, Brandon has gained the valuable skills that he uses daily in real estate negotiations and, in his passion, educating home buyers and sellers.

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Brandon now calls East Nashville home. He spends his time teaching the young students of Nashville, woodworking at the not-for-profit Make Nashville, eating pizza and pastries at all of the local spots he can, and investing in businesses and real estate. Brandon is excited about helping people find and make great real estate deals, and he particularly loves working with teachers, first-time homebuyers, and investors. Brandon’s first home purchase truly created financial security for him. After that, he was certain real estate was one of the great ways to build real wealth, comfort, and freedom and he has committed to helping others find this, too. Contributing to Nashville is important to Brandon, so joining an original Nashville real estate brokerage, Sound City Realty, was a no-brainer. He looks forward to helping you navigate your next (or first!) real estate purchase or sale.

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Applying for rentals with confidence, even when you’re unsure your application will be approved.

A lease may last longer than your current romantic relationship! When looking to move to a new place I think most people jump too quickly at filling out an application, paying the application fee, and revealing very personal things about themselves in writing. That is why you should take this step with intention and caution just as you would any other long term relationship. The answers on this application will determine how prospective landlords and property managers see you and who you are.  And often it becomes a legal and binding addendum to your lease asking that you agree that you gave truthful and honest information. Things happen, people make mistakes with money, people have unexpected medical bills…but being honest is always best.

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Fairs and Fried Oreos: The Tennessee State Fair and the Wilson County Fair

The South created “fried” Uncle Buds in my neighborhood has this great new sign and the other day it read “There is no northern fried anything.” So true, and I venture to say that fairs in any other part of the country only try to match our southern fried fair foods. Fried oreos, fried pickles, fried butter…yes butter. It’s a tradition of ours to stop by the Tennessee State Fair the second week of September as it often falls on our wedding anniversary. We have seen drag races, contortionists and even a live trained monkey that will demand a $5 bill before he will let you take his picture.

The Tennessee State Fair is held every year on, you guessed it, The Nashville Fairgrounds, and it’s a big one. I recommend bringing small bill denominations and ear plugs because of the race track. It’s a must for sight seeing and people watching. This year it runs from September 8-17, 2017.

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Donelson – just a “Slip Up” from the City and Oh So Hip!

Andrew Jackson once called the area around The Hermitage “Slip Up” but it’s now called Hip D. It may be a far cry from the dairy farm it used to be, but Nashville’s best kept secret is Donelson in zip code 37214.

Just 7 miles from downtown riverfront, Donelson sits along the Lebanon Road corridor and has in 2016 rated it the 15th most desirable zip code in the country. The lots have mature trees, often an acre or more, and prices are increasing slowly. Lately finding a property for sale in 37214 is akin to finding a needle in a haystack and when you do find them they are mostly ranch style homes and a few charming 1940’s-1950’s style cottages.

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Finding community among The Nations

In 2003 Anthony and I bought a house on Elkins Ave that looked like an elf lived there. It had a hobbit type staircase, a rounded fireplace reminiscent of a Kiva in the southwest and was in shambles. We renovated it and rented it out for year. We were riding out the frenzy that was happening in Sylvan Park, the neighborhood west of I-440, between Charlotte and White bridge road. We thought Nashville had “topped out” in that neighborhood and we felt moving our investments into growing areas would be wise.

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The game of short term rental permitting goes into overtime

Nashville’s mixture of culture, sports, music festivals, live music and industry conventions yields top dollar for lodging and hotels are booked solid. Travelers, looking for more than a room with a bed and a sofa often look for alternative lodging in Nashville’s over 3,000 legally permitted privately owned short-term rentals properties. The numbers tell a lot about the impact these STR’s have had on the Nashville economy. Matt Curtis, senior director of government relations for HomeAway highlighted a recent economic impact study commissioned by the company that says short-term rentals in Nashville provide an annual economic impact of $477 million — a figure that critics of the industry dispute.

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Moving with kids

Back to School…might have you thinking harder than your kids.

We have two sons in middle school.  They attend Metro Nashville Public Schools. The schools in Nashville have been great to us and we continue to be impressed. When we left elementary last year we noticed other parents with kids deciding to sell their houses and move their families into other counties. One of the reasons is Davidson County middle schools are 5th-8th grade and middle schools in Wilson, Williamson and Sumner Counties are 6th-8th.

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